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Be the CEO of your Stress

Alexa Hanshaw is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), striving to empower women to become the CEO of their stress through behavior change in fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, sleep and stress for a holistic approach to finding their energy.

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I am Alexa

Before you ask.. yes I hate that Amazon has used my name. My pronouns are she/her/hers. I was a stressed AF consultant rushing from one client deadline to the next. Grabbing food when I could from the proverbial snack drawer and waking up at 5:01 am to get in a workout before the day spiraled.


Believe it or not, I have been at the client site (let's be real, several client sites & several nights) until 12 am only to be back at work the next morning before the next 9 am meeting.  I know what it is like to be in back-to-back (to back-to-back) calls without even a minute to refill my water or run to the bathroom.  The exhaustion and crankiness followed by a weekend (if I didn't have to sign on) to veg out before doing it all over again.


5 years later, I am now able to navigate the corporate world a little better and have found ways to juggle zoom calls, stakeholder & leadership demands all while health coaching, teaching yoga/ HIIT classes and starting Alexa Hanshaw LLC!

I still work for one of the Big 4 so you can say I practice what I preach.

Once I figured out how to manage my stress without having to quit my job, I knew that I wanted to share this with those in the same place I was-  people who are running themselves ragged in the never-ending cycle between stress, exhaustion, burnout, then repeat.

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