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Take The Wall Sit Challenge & See How Long You Can Do It

Are you ready to take on a new kind of fitness challenge that you can do anywhere? Let me introduce you to the wall sit challenge.

wall sit challenge

Wall sits are the perfect exercise for beginners and experienced athletes alike. They’re easy to do but offer versatility and challenge.

As a fitness instructor, I’ve seen the humble wall sit, and other exercises help increase my clients' strength and fitness level.

I can help you achieve remarkable results with my support and a little bit of your own hard work.

Let's step up to the challenge and see what your transformation will look like, together!

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How to Do a Wall Sit?

Are you ready to conquer the wall sit? This exercise may initially seem difficult, but with the proper form and strategy you’ll notice you can hold it longer each time.

sit wall challenge

Here's your guide on how to do a wall sit:

1) Find a clear wall

Locate a flat, sturdy wall with enough space to sit against it comfortably.

2) Stand with your back against the wall

Position yourself against the wall, ensuring your feet are shoulder-width apart and about 1-2 feet away from the wall.

3) Lower into the sitting position

Slowly slide your back down the sturdy wall, bending your knees and lowering your body like sitting on an imaginary chair.

Keep your feet flat firmly on the ground and your weight distributed evenly through your heels and midfoot.

4) Maintain proper form

  • Secure your knees at a 90-degree angle, directly above your ankles.

  • Keep your thighs parallel to the ground, and your back should remain on the wall throughout the exercise.

  • Engage your core muscles by keeping your torso upright and avoiding excessive leaning forward or backward.

5) Hold the position

  • Hold the wall sit for the desired duration.

  • As a beginner, start with a shorter period, such as 10-15 seconds. Then gradually increase the duration as your strength improves.

  • Aim for a challenging but sustainable time frame that allows you to maintain proper form.

6) Breathe and focus

Take slow, deep breaths throughout your wall sit. Focus on relaxing your upper body and maintaining a steady, controlled breathing pattern to help you stay centered and engaged.

7) Push through your legs

While holding the wall sit, imagine pushing your legs into the ground, engaging your quadriceps, glutes, and calf muscles. It will help strengthen and tone these muscle groups.

8) Slowly return to standing

Once you've completed the desired duration, push through your heels slowly rise back up to a standing position, using the support of the wall if needed.

Perfect form is the secret to success in the wall sit and any exercise!

30-Day Wall Sit Challenge: Your Guide to Success!

Are you ready to take a 30-day Wall Sit Challenge?

If so, we have a printable guide just for you, to help conquer the challenge! Remember listen to your own body and adjust the guide as your body needs.

30 day wall sit challenge

Print your guide, and let the 30-day Wall Sit Challenge begin!

5 Variations of Wall Sitting

Are you ready to take your wall sit to the next level? While the classic wall sit is impressive, a whole world of variations awaits you.

These exciting twists target different muscles and bring variety to your workouts.

Here are a few walls sit variations:

1) Wall sits with calf raises

Perform a regular wall sit, but lift your heels off the ground and rise onto your toes as you hold the position. It adds a layer of challenge to your calves and helps strengthen the muscles in your lower legs.

2) Single-leg wall sit

Position yourself against the wall, but lift one heel off the floor this time and rise onto your toes. Maintain the sitting position with your working leg, engaging your quadricep, hamstring and glutes.

Switch legs after a set duration (halfway point).

3) Wall sit with a ball squeeze

While in the wall sit position, hold a small exercise ball (or yoga block) between your thighs. Squeeze the ball tightly, engaging your inner thigh muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.

This variation adds an extra challenge for your lower body muscles and promotes inner thigh strength.

4) Wall sit with overhead reach

Start in a wall sit position and extend your arms overhead, reaching towards the wall. This variation engages your core, shoulders, upper back, and lower body muscles targeted in a regular wall sit. Keep your shoulders down and away from your ears so you aren’t straining your neck.

5) Wall sit with resistance band

Place your resistance band around your thighs, above your knees, and get into your wall sit position. The band adds resistance, intensifying the challenge for your quadriceps, glutes, and hip abductor muscles.

Pro Tips for Wall Sitting

Safety starts with a solid foundation.

30 day challenge wall sit

The following are safety tips for a smooth and injury-free wall sit experience.

Consult a health expert

If you have any medical conditions, joint troubles, or injuries, it's wise to talk to experts before starting wall sits and any new exercise regimen. They'll give you personalized advice based on your unique needs.

Maintain proper form

Form is your shield. Maintain connection with your whole back against the wall (engage your core to support yourself), and align your knees with your ankles at a 90-degree angle.

It protects your knees and keeps your muscles engaged.

Listen to your body

Your body is your guide. Pay attention to any pain, discomfort, or strain during wall sits.

If something doesn't feel right, stop and check your form. Pushing through severe pain could lead to injuries. If you need to adjust your time, do it. As one of my favorite peloton instructors, Robin Arzon says “modifications are sexy”, you know your body best!

Gradual progression

Start slow and grow strong!

If you're new to wall sits or haven't been active, begin with shorter durations and gradually increase as you become mightier.

Sudden-intensity jumps can lead to muscle strain—progress at your own pace.

Warm-up and cool-down

Before jumping into your wall sits or incorporating them into your exercise plan, make sure you warm up properly with some light aerobic activity and/ or dynamic stretching. It prepares your body for action and reduces the risk of strains or injury.

Afterward, cool down with gentle stretches to promote recovery.

Hydration and breathing

Stay hydrated before, during, and after your wall sits to keep your body fueled.

And remember to breathe! Steady breathing supplies oxygen to your muscles and keeps you going strong.

Surface and support

Choose a sturdy wall or surface to support your body weight throughout the exercise. Ensure there are no obstacles or objects around.

Individual limitations

Respect your limits, and do not push yourself beyond what feels comfortable. If you need guidance or have concerns, a qualified fitness professional can lend a helping hand.

Benefits of Wall Sits

Stronger legs

The wall sit challenge targets your quadriceps, glutes, and abdominal core muscles. By engaging these muscles, you'll experience strength gains.

Your legs will become resilient and conquer everyday activities that demand lower body strength.

Endurance boost

As you continue doing wall sits and adding duration, you may experience strength in new ways.

Your muscle endurance will increase allowing for longer strain on your muscles without getting worn out.

Stable core

Wall sits are not just for your legs—they also work wonders for your core.

Your core muscles kick into action when you hold the proper position against the wall. They help keep your body stable and balanced.

It enhances posture, balance, and an incredible foundation not only for exercise but for your day to day life as well.


Guess what? The wall sit challenge is super time-efficient!

You don't need fancy equipment, just a wall. You can do it anywhere, anytime.

It's perfect for busy schedules or when you don't have access to a gym. With just a few minutes dedicated to wall sits each day, you'll can see remarkable benefits that maximize your body's potential.

Mental toughness

This challenge is for the body and mind.

You will become mentally tough and disciplined by pushing yourself to hold the wall sit position longer each day.

It takes focus, determination, and the ability to overcome discomfort. These qualities will spill over into every aspect of your life, empowering you beyond the challenge.

Set goals, track progress

The wall sit challenge isn't just a test of strength—it's a journey of personal progress.

Set your sights on increasing your wall sit duration each day, and bask in the satisfaction of reaching milestones. Witness tangible improvements in your strength and endurance, proving you can overcome any obstacle.

Fun Fact: The longest recorded wall sit duration is an impressive 11 hours, 51 minutes, and 14 seconds, achieved by Thienna Ho on 20 December 2008.

FAQs about Wall Sitting

What will 30 days of wall sits do?

Doing wall sits for 30 days can strengthen your leg muscles core. You'll be able to do everyday activities more easily.

What are the results of the wall sit challenge?

The wall sit challenge can make your legs more powerful, improve muscle endurance, and strengthen your core muscles.

What is the wall sit challenge?

The wall sit challenge is an exercise where you sit against a wall with your knees bent, just like sitting on an imaginary chair. It's a fun way to strengthen your legs, improve your muscle endurance, and boost your mental toughness.

How long should you be able to wall sit?

When you start, try holding the wall sit position for about 10-15 seconds. As you get stronger, you can aim for longer durations, like 1 minute or more.

What to do next?

Finding a community that shares your goals is an easy way to stay motivated and inspired during your wall sit challenge journey.

Head to the Facebook community "Be the CEO of Your Stress." We're thrilled to have you on this transformative journey.

It's easier to stay motivated when working with like-minded people.

Together, we can overcome obstacles and celebrate your successes.


alexa hanshaw

About the Author

Alexa Hanshaw

Alexa Hanshaw is a health and stress management coach who helps women be the CEO of their stress. She empowers her clients to push past the confusion of the health and wellness industry to create lifestyle habits that bring them energy and work with their bodies instead of against it.

Join her free Facebook group, Be the CEO of Your Stress, and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube for quick, easy & healthy tips on stress, health, fitness, nutrition, sleep, and how to stay mindful!

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