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SNACK at work

Food is so important to keeping your energy up & thinking clearly.  I am here to help make sure you have healthy foods around that nourish your wellness especially during your busy workdays.  I am all too familiar with the back to back (to back) Zoom or Teams meetings with barely anytime to use the restroom let alone eat!  That is where this list of healthy & delicious food comes in.  You will find everything you should have in your desk snack drawer (or these days easily accessible in your pantry) so you are never stuck without food all day ever again!  This list includes various snacks that are both healthy and filling for those crazy days when you just don’t have the time!

SLEEP like a baby

Sleep is so key to your health, yet it is one of the first things we let slip when we get busy! Interestingly enough, stress and sleep are cyclical and deeply connected. When your body is in a chronic state of stress it thinks you are perpetually in danger.  To react, your adrenalin and cortisol levels elevate and your brain is constantly sending messages preparing your body for an imminent attack.

No wonder you have a hard time falling asleep or wake up frequently in the middle of the night your body is waiting for an attack! There are a few simple and easy adjustments you can make to your routine to enhance your sleep and intern decrease some of your chronic stress! Add all three of my complimentary sleep audio starter pack for simple tips to incorporate into your nightly routine that will positively impact your quality of sleep plus a special bonus to make falling asleep a snap!

MOVE at your time

The practice of yoga has taught me to be more intentional about how I wrap up my day after work. It's easy to just get back home and pour a glass of wine, sit on the couch and watch Bachelorette. Be more present with your family and furry baby after work with over 75 HIIT and Yoga Videos for as little as $30 a month for unlimited content and access to live classes. 

Sounds too simple?


Let's Stress Less Protocol


Add an espresso shot to your current routine with the 

Let's Stress Less Protocol


A 12 week program to add ENERGY, a SENSE OF CALM and EMPOWERMENT to your life.  We'll work together to build your knowledge and habits around stress management, fitness and nutrition, mindfulness & sleep to help you achieve your ideal stress less & healthy lifestyle.


I would love to support you in becoming the CEO of Your Stress!

Zoom Classes

Join me this week to sweat & stretch I can't wait to virtually see you this week!

I will be hosting 3 classes per week starting April 20th:​

Monday: Strength/ Cardio 12pm EST

Wednesday: Strength/ Cardio & Yoga Combo 5pm EST

Thursday: Yoga 5pm EST
Note: (all classes are listed in eastern standard time)

If you can't make the times listed, no problem! I will send a replay of the class that will be open for 48 hours.

Each week the classes will cost $5.00, once I receive your payment I will send out a zoom link and password for that week's classes.​

One-on-One Coaching

There is no one size fits all program when it comes to health, every mind, body and soul are unique.

Your health transformation shouldn't be any different. 

Together we'll create a plan that is unique to you and your lifestyle navigating your unique stressors and challenges. 


Let me support you in your personal journey to shine and live your happiest and healthiest life.


Learn to create daily practices that support your best you, leverage my knowledge to build healthy habits, generate energy for the things and people you love, and SO MUCH MORE!  

Options include: 3 month, 6 month & rolling

Slay and Namaste

This 90-minute workshop takes yoga to the next level.  By infusing strength training and cardio moves into the yoga practice you already know and love.


The first half will get your heart pumping with an aerobic Power Vinyasa flow where you can expect bursts of cardio and weight training moves to torch calories, burn fat and build muscle. 


The second half we’ll restore your muscles with a deep stretch and restorative practice utilizing props and essential oils to complete our practice. 


This workshop is the whole package with a blend of cardio, strength training, flexibility and restoration.  Don’t miss this awesome workshop

Corporate Wellness

I have hosted corporate classes of all sizes.  Everything from 5 employees to 105 employees.  I would love to support your employees health so they become happier & healthier and in return better employees for you!

Interested in hosting a class or event with your employees or work colleges? Let's chat about a session that fits your needs!

Detox to Retox



 Interested in hosting a one of a kind event with your friends for a bridal shower, bachelorette, GNO or birthday? Detox is the perfect class 90 minutes to detoxify your mind, body & soul. Looking to kick off or continue the party? Ask about Detox to Retox

Be The CEO of Your Stress

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Receive your

Let's Stress Less Starter Pack:

Sometimes starting is the hardest part of this. So, I've put together some of my favorite practices that have helped me go through the endless work week.

  • Morning doses of calm.​

  • Quick shots of HIIT workouts.

  • Wind down after work with yoga.

  • Simple tips for a good night's rest.

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