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During those long days, I remembered how happy I'd felt back in my college days at Northeastern University. (Any fellow Huskies here?!) While majoring in International Business, I had taken an on-campus job as a group fitness instructor - and when I was exploring nutrition and fitness certifications, I was the happiest I had ever been. (Why did it all seem so simple in college?)


Working out the stress helped halfway.


So, I decided to prioritize working out - which meant waking up even earlier to get in my HIIT class before work; or, trying to leave the office at a halfway decent time, to fit in an evening workout to get the day's stress out of my system.

Exercise made a big difference, but it didn't always leave me feeling more peaceful or calm, especially after those extra-frenzied workdays (you know the ones).

Finding yoga made the perfect match.

My body needed a different kind of release: enter yoga. I had taken a few yoga classes here and there, but without any consistency (I told myself: “I am not flexible”, “This isn’t a ‘real’ workout”, “I am wasting my time” - any of those phrases sound familiar?).


With the help of an accountability buddy and a Groupon deal, I jumped (or, stretched?) into the world of yoga and have never looked back - it was exactly what I needed.

My pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a functional health and nutrition coach, striving to empower womxn to become the CEO of their stress. I love helping people manage their own health and wellness, but my journey here didn't actually start on a yoga mat.

My early office days were exhausting.

Straight after graduating from college, I did what all goal-oriented graduates do: I joined Corporate America as an entry-level consultant at one of the Big Four Accounting firms in Charlotte, NC. My daily routine looked something like this (maybe you can relate):

  • Waking up exhausted to my alarm

  • Throwing some food into a bag - snacks and a quick breakfast (maybe even lunch, if I was lucky enough to have time to prep a meal the night before)

  • Rushing into the office to start plugging through emails, meetings, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations

  • Taking a half-focused lunch at my desk or the conference room table so I could continue working, until that day's "fire drills" and client requests ran out the clock

  • Heading home to hit the pillow, and repeat all over again the next day

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Once I got a taste of a healthy lifestyle, I was eager to learn more. I pursued my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification,  which led to a mbg Functional Nutrition Coach Certification, followed by my Breathwork & Mediation Certification.

The more I learned and incorporated those lessons into my daily life, the less chronic stress I held onto and the more I was able to see how life-changing these practices can be.

Now I want to help you tackle YOUR stress.

It was not a straight road to taking command of my stress, but I have put together an amazing toolbox that I use as I continue to manage the ebbs and flows of corporate life. And now, I help other high-achieving professional womxn learn tools to manage stress while still killing it at work.

If you are a go-getter in the business world, trying to figure out the balance between a productive career and a happy life, I know firsthand how hard it can be. I've put together a starter kit for you to kick off your Stress Less journey.


If you're ready to jump in and take back the reins from your stress, check out my Let's Stress Less Protocol: in this program, I'll guide you through my 4 pillar system to tackle chronic stress head-on, while also giving you tools to combat acute stress.

You are an achiever, taking command of your projects at work; you can apply that same go-getter spirit to take command of your stress. I am here to guide you in becoming the CEO of your Stress.

Get in touch, and let's put you back in the C-Suite of your own life (I saved you a corner office).

Send me an email or book a call directly by hitting the "I'm Interested" button.


  • 200-Hour Yoga Teacher TrainingChakra Flow University

  • Certified Group Fitness InstructorAthletics & Fitness Associate of America (AFAA)

  • Breathwork & Meditation Training—Academy of Breath

  • Yin Yoga Certification

  • Adult First Aid/CPR/AEDAmerican Red Cross

  • mindbodygreen (mbg) Functional Nutrition Coach Certification​​

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past corporate events

EY= Ernst & Young Global Limited

EY, Markets Accelerator Virtual Conference, October 21st, 2020 (Yoga Flow) October 22nd, 2020 (Restorative Yoga)


EY, FSO Consulting Virtual Academy (Sunrise Yoga) August 13th-August 14th 2020


EY, FSO Quarterly Counseling Family Meeting, May 28th 2019

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