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Join the ACE Your Stress Program and take back your freedom from stress!

Do you feel like your life is running you, rather than the other way around?  Believe me I know the feeling...

Your daily routine feels something like this:


Wake up exhausted and spend the day trying to keep up with your work, partner, family, and everything else.


You're overwhelmed as you jump from task to task, without giving 100% to any item on your to-do list because there just isn't enough time


You are saturated with content on “how you should be healthy” or “top 10 self-care must haves,” but you can barely find a free minute to read about it (let alone implement anything you read).


You have nothing holding you accountable to keep working towards your health goals, so your mantra has become “I’ll start on Monday” or “I’m too busy this week, work is crazy! Next week will be better.”


You are constantly putting others above yourself...but you can’t give to everyone else and be truly present with them if you don't fill your cup first!


I know what you may be thinking....that sounds exactly like me, but what can I actually do about it.  I have to work hard and be the best: partner/ mom/ daughter/ sister/ friend/ employee/ employer that I can be.


I have good news for you though: 

Copy of alexa-25.jpg

ACE Your Stress Today!


A ccountability

C larity

E nergy

You can have it all:
Energy, passion, strength, the title of best mom and of course the corner office!

Imagine this….

Being in such a good mood during your workday that you are more productive & finish your work ahead of schedule and you didn't have to depend on copious amounts of caffeine to power through it!

Having energy to run around in the backyard with your kiddos and fur babies after work and enjoy an amazing dinner with your family all before falling asleep soundly 

Creating time to spend with the people you love and doing the things you love.  Dinner with friends, weekday soccer and baseball games, date night and family dinners can be yours again 

My ACE Your Stress program puts you back in the C-Suite of your life.

Stress isn’t the enemy.

It just needs the right manager.

And that’s you. 

YOU can do this and YOU are worth it! 


Through my program, I’ll help you kick your chronic stress in the booty, while giving you tools to manage your acute stress through Accountability, Clarity & Energy (ACE).


Here is what you’ll receive when you join the ACE Your Stress 6 month group program:



  • Supportive community of strong like-minded women will hold you accountable to your goals, through our Facebook group, monthly live group coaching sessions, and one-on-one support!

  • Monthly Community events: live group accountability sessions and lightning coaching sessions

  • Live & Recorded Workouts: gain access to my live, virtual strength, cardio & yoga classes every week. (up to 12x per month)

    • Plus recorded strength, cardio & yoga videos OnDemand available in different time increments to meet your busy schedule (under 20, 30, 45 & 60 minutes)


  • Full Course Library: full access to ACE Your Stress training videos on nutrition, fitness, sleep, mindfulness, mindset, productivity and how to balance it all.  All 15 minutes or under to provide you with the insight you need, how to incorporate it into your busy lifestyle without any of the fluff!

  • Personalized Feedback from me while you go through the ACE Your Stress course, during our lightning coaching sessions and in the Facebook group 

  • Total Confidence about how to manage your stress in a holistic way that fits your schedule, with practical easy to implement techniques for the busy entrepreneur and professional .


  • Create Natural Energy by learning how to balance nutrient-dense foods, exercise, yoga, and sleep to finally find freedom from the endless cycles of fatigue and sleepless nights

  • Caffeine Jitters and Sugar Rush no more: Feel more energized through the day to crush your to-do list & spend quality time with your family, without relying on caffeine or sugar for the extra boost.

Ready to get real accountability and support for your health goals, clarity about which techniques work for you and which don’t, and the energy to tackle your work and personal ambitions?

Join the ACE Your Stress program, and let’s put you back in the C-Suite of your own life

(I saved you a corner office).




$99/month without 1:1 support


  • Access to MemberVault training library

  • Monthly Live Accountability Calls

  • FB Group with amazing and accountable women like YOU!

  • Access to my fitness & yoga classes each week during program (12 classes per month) 


$250/month 1:1 support


  • Access to MemberVault training library

  • Monthly Accountability Calls

  • FB Group with amazing and accountable women like YOU!

  • Access to my fitness & yoga classes each week during program (12 classes per month) 

  • 1:1 Slack access

  • 1 Video Call 1:1 with Alexa per month

I’ve been there, and I’m here to empower you

to become the CEO of your stress.



I am Alexa Hanshaw, a North Carolina based functional health and nutrition coach (and corporate professional) who focuses on stress management through: fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and sleep.  


I know firsthand how stress negatively affects your body, mood, and productivity. 


I went from a tense, exhausted woman climbing the corporate ladder to a passionate functional health and nutrition coach with the energy for both my personal and professional goals. 


I’ve built an amazing toolbox of skills to manage the ebbs and flows of corporate life that I would love to share with you. I am on a mission to empower women like you to become the CEO of your stress like I have been able to for myself and clients — with techniques that actually fit into a busy professional lifestyle — through my ACE Your Stress program.


Now you may be wondering...if I barely have time now to make myself a priority how will paying for a program be any different?


As women we are natural born caregivers and frankly always put others above ourselves.  But, today is your day.  You are only given one body in this lifetime let’s treat it right!


I give you stress relief strategies that allow you to feel more energized, focused, and centered — while still killing it in your career and at home.


  • You’re ready to get down to work and implement the strategies needed to see real results.

  • You’re ready and also able to make the necessary investment into the program.

  • You’re tired of trying program after program and not seeing results

  • You're tired of allowing fear and excuses to hold you back from changing your health once & for all.


  • You think that simply investing in a coach will guarantee you success.

  • You’re not ready/willing to devote the time needed to actually do the work, engage in the community and implement what you’ve learned.

  • You’re not willing to step outside of your comfort zone to try new strategies or techniques for your health

See What Current & Past Clients Are Saying


"I would 100% recommend Alexa as a coach. She is a passionate, energetic, inclusive & supportive every step of the way. After working with her I feel more energized and have the tools to cope with negativity, frustration & challenges.


With her personal attention and support for my goals I am sleeping better, I have more energy and I am stronger then I have been in years!"



Learning Director

"Alexa is such a welcoming and encouraging coach. I love that she covers everything from yoga and strength training classes, to nutritional workshops and holistic wellness tips.

After working with her, I've noticed myself having more energy throughout the day... and I've been falling asleep better at night!


I highly recommend Alexa for anyone that wants to build and maintain better wellness habits, or get personal support in pursuing their health & stress goals."

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Content Writer, Editor & Strategist