Do you feel like none of the studio schedules fit your busy lifestyle?

I am here to support you in making your health a priority that fits into your busy schedule!  Exercise is vital to your health, not only does exercise release feel good endorphins but helps reduce stress and boost your immune system!


The Slay & Namaste OnDemand Membership is your one stop shop for all of your strength, cardio, vinyasa (flow) yoga and restorative yoga needs.  With the membership, you receive live virtual classes each week and recorded classes available at any time. 


In the membership site you'll find over 100 videos to choose from that range in time from 10 minutes - 60 minutes as well as body part specific and total body options!

A sweaty 30 min HIIT class + 30 minutes of mindful movement practice.


HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training classes designed to get you sweating and increase your metabolic rate.


Traditionally a greeting in India which now inspires the western movement practice honoring our need to find mindful movement.


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