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Day 1 Stress Less Challenge

5 days to stress less and slay your work day

In 90 seconds or less I'll provide practical guidance to stress less and slay your work day. Today is Day 1 of the Stress Less Challenge, water.

  • Drink 12-16 oz right when you wake up

  • Add cup of hot water with lemon for an extra boost

  • Jump start your body processes and hormones

For the next 5 days you'll receive an email from me with practical guidance to help you stress less and slay your work day.  

Add an espresso shot to your stress less routine with the 

Let's Stress Less Program

An 8 week program to build your radiance and stress less habits.  You'll build knowledge and habits around stress management, fitness and nutrition to help you achieve your ideal stress less & healthy lifestyle.

I would love to serve you in becoming the stress free boss babe your meant to be!

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