Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

Updated: Jan 6

I have been experimenting with different smoothies as we get warmer down here in North Carolina. When making smoothies I focus on a few main things

1.) Nutrient density


3.) Texture.

My latest creation (above) is soooooo creamy and it was packed full with nutrient dense ingredients!


- 1/2 a frozen banana (fun fact the serving size of many bananas in grocery stores is actual 1/2 a banana not a full one!)

- Handful of raspberries

- 1 scoop of organic plant based chocolate protein

- 1 scoop super green powder

- A handful of diced FROZEN avocado for the creaminess factor!

- 1 cup to a 1 & 1/2 cups liquid of choice (I love coconut milk or almond milk)

This smoothie is chock full of anti-inflammatory ingredients to help reduce stress in the body!

Everything we put in our mouth or on our skin is either inflammatory (aka stressful) or anti-inflammatory (aka soothing and calming to our system)

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